Equip your chat agents
with AI armour
ChatForce gives AI superpowers to your sales agent. We combine human empathy and robotic efficiency to give your clients a unique communication experience with You in messaging apps.

What we offer

Seamlessly onboard your clients
onto messaging apps

Quickly deal with repetitive inquiries from clients by our smart suggestions

Create customized outbound
client campaigns


Onboarding onto messaging apps

We will onboard your clients onto messaging app of your choice. We do it seamlessly and with very little effort required from the client.


Integration with your systems

We will integrate with your existing CRM and databases. As a result our smart reply suggestions will include all the relevant client information - your chat agent won't have to jump through different interfaces, we do it for him.


AI-powered suggestion engine

You will receive ChatForce panel powered by our AI-engine (or we can integrate into your existing panel), which will provide smart reply suggestions to chat agents. Save precious time and let your chat agents focus on what is really important: exceptional client journey.


Customized outbound campaigns

Through our panel you will be able to create customized outbound campaigns based on client profiles. We will propose client segmentation based on clients chat history, client data in your databases and your own preferences.



Our AI will constantly look and learn how your agents interact. Once the system achieves a certain confidence level, you can put repetitive answers on auto-pilot.

Our strenghts


You are always at the steering wheel of client communication. We enhance your agents with an AI-armour - a smart reply suggestions to clients. You decide whether to send a recommended response directly or with edits, or not at all.


You don't communicate with your clients on messaging apps yet? Worry no more, we have all the tools and best practice to efficiently onboard your clients.


Your clients need a very specific information that's available only in your "internal databases"? That's great - we will integrate with your existing systems and pull the relevant data into our smart reply suggestions.


CyberRescue helps and supports customers in the event of cyber crimes like hacking or identity theft with an all-round step-by-step service to limit and repair the damage inflicted.

One of CyberRescue core strategy pillars is to be exactly where their clients may need them - including Facebook Messenger. We have helped CyberRescue to set-up Messenger onboarding process that has resulted in a significant response rate among existing clients and even higher uptake among new clients.

We have provided chat agents of CyberRescue with our AI-enhanced chat panel with smart recommendations that enables them to efficiently manage chats and focus on what?s important - client empathy. Our AI-engine ensures that CyberRescue involvement in repetitive, boring communication is kept at absolute minimum.

About us

We are a team of experts who are bound together a by strong belief that the era of e-mails, calls and text messages is now over.

Clients are fed up with the old ways companies try to interact with them, for two simple reasons
- clients privately no longer e-mail each other and very rarely call or text;
- they are overflooded with irrelevant offers (spam, if you wish).

Clients have already entered the new era - the era of messaging apps.

We help companies to make the transition from the old ways into the new era. We do this by providing the best tools to onboard and efficiently manage communication with clients on messaging apps.

Our secret sauce is our suggestions engine. Forget about all the boring and repetitive communication your agents have to deal with - we make sure that our engine does most of the work, you just click ?send? button if our recommendation is correct.

The summary of the project co-founded with EU grant:

Project POIR.01.01.01-00-D534/18
„Development of a dialogue engine supporting highly personalized text interactions with clients”

The aim of the project is to build a solution supporting companies in personalised text interactions with their clients in mobile messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp). Solution will be fuelled by advanced machine learning in natural language processing, and will utilise data from both internal sources from our clients databases and external data sources. To achieve this, we will:

  • Build an engine that will support chat agents in advanced text interactions with clients based on our own proprietary model of Polish language. This will be achieved by running experiments on test data sets using supervised machine learning algorithms;
  • Build a method for customer profiling based on both internal and external behavioural data sources;
  • Build a method for mood & intent recognition from text input.

The platform, which will be developed as a result of the project, will be implemented into the offer of ChatForce as a SaaS product and will greatly complement its current product offering. The platform will be first offered to corporations with complex, multichannel customer service.

Project value: PLN 9,969,429.05
EU funds financing: PLN 5 ,607,111.30

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