At ChatForce, we implement dedicated messaging solutions (Messenger, WhatsApp) for companies. Thanks to us, you will open a completely new channel of communication with the client from scratch – in a place that people love.

Consumers are no longer interested in advertising addressed to them from the pedestal, and the times of non-responsive SMS, emails that went straight to spam, or harassing phone calls are irretrievably gone. You can reach the customer today, just like you reach your closest friends. Talk to clients in a convenient way, in a place connected with their everyday life. We have created a palette of tools that make customer contact truly interactive, personalized and contextual for the first time. Don’t be left behind! Use the power of messaging.


baza subskrybentów chatbot

Tools for developing the subscriber base on instant messaging

wdrażanie budowanie chatbotów

Implementation of chatbots

wdrażanie kampanii chatbotów na komunikatory

Implementation of outbound campaigns
using instant messaging

Treści do chatbotów i kampanii wychodzących

Prepare content
for chatbots and outbound campaigns

Integracje z CRM, contact center, helpdesk

Integration with contact center,
CRM and other systems

Skuteczność chatbot analityka

Advanced analytics
on communication effectiveness

Chatboty utrzymanie optymalizacja audyt

Maintenance and
optimization of operations

wsparcie AI chatbot

AI support


Full integration

We will personalize automatic customer service processes and marketing campaigns through integration with your CRM. No more mass impersonal communication!

Advanced Analytics

How many new leads have you acquired? Are you engaging with your customers enough? What is the quality of handling chat requests? Thanks to our extensive analytics you will find out exactly how effective your communication is.

chatboty AI komunikacja dla biznesu

Chatforce platform

The Chatforce platform knows when the interaction with the client on the messenger should be taken over by a human and automatically redirects the conversation to the appropriate service consultant.


WhatsApp chat