Project title: “Building a dialogue engine supporting highly personalized text interactions with the client”

The subject of the project is the development of the ChatForce platform, offering an engine for text-based interactions with the client in modern communication channels (Messenger, WhatsApp). ChatForce will use human-supervised automation, personalizing communication in a unique way: based on the analysis of customer behavior and the mood of the conversation. The ChatForce engine will be based on advanced machine learning techniques in natural language processing. It will use internal and external data sources, including integrating segmentation models used in the business partner organization. It will use proprietary mechanisms of processing customer data, especially behavioral data, in order to extract customer features and their subsequent clustering. To achieve this goal:

We will create a rule-probabilistic engine enabling advanced interaction with the client based on the original Polish model.

We will build a method of customer profiling / creating segments based on behavioral data

We will create a component of recognizing the mood of the statement and the client’s intention as information influencing the course of the interaction conducted by the rule-probabilistic engine

The result of the project in the form of the ChatForce cloud platform will be directed to large enterprises with complex, multi-channel customer service.

Project value: 9,969,429.05 PLN Financing value EU: 5,607,111.30 PLN

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